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Get ready to elevate your living!


Utilizing some of the most widely used and proven personal development coaching tools, Andi has created a program that will get you to wake up, truly know yourself, and start a journey toward real change. This is a working journal where you yourself are given the power to meet your challenges and strive to make a difference in your own life.


Andi provides the encouragement and guidance to help you learn new things about yourself and to find your strength from within.


The tools and action items found in Rise&Shine have been proven effective universally in personal, business and professional spheres. They will work, if you do!


Just in time for New Year's resolutions: Get yourself on the path to change! Get yourself to RISE AND SHINE!


About Andi

Described by her clients, associates, friends and family as a Transformational Leader, Inspiration Queen and Lover-of-Life, Andi Saitowitz is a certified Personal Development Life Coach and Motivational Speaker graduating from the esteemed Adler Institute. With a professional background in Industrial Psychology, Organizational Communication, Research and Practice and years of experience in Non-Profit Donor Relations and International Fundraising Campaigns, Andi is passionate about and committed to helping people bring out their absolute best. She firmly believes that when we discover and offer our gifts to the world, we become far more aware and appreciative of the amazing opportunities around us, and conscious of our power, our choices and life experiences.


Andi is proudly a Jewish South African, realizing her Zionist dream of living in Israel, is married to her best friend, and is a blessed mom of three awesome children. In her spare time, she loves playing sports, reading, volunteering and is co-founder of the latest meaningful gifts online charity portal To learn more about Andi or book a coaching session or workshop, check out her professional site:


Around the web

Rise & Shine was featured in the Passover 2014 edition of South Africa's Jewish Life magazine.


Ian Mann from the online business and finance site fin24 says: "Since knowledge workers’ performance is so deeply affected by their personal life and functioning, [Rise & Shine] has relevance to professionals and business people."                          Read the whole review.


Telfed Magazine's blog features Rise & Shine.                                                                                                         Read the whole article.

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